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UDI U64 MULTI-FLYER RC DRONE Fun and unique Multi-flying Drone

UDI U64 MULTI-FLYER RC DRONE Fun and unique Multi-flying Drone

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UDI U64 Multi-flyer RC  Drone 

Fun and unique Multi-flying Drone

TheUDI U64 is an Interesting multi-fly drone; it can be configured as a Drone or plane like configuration with its stunt man positioned in fun and cool ways. It is small and light, suitable for indoor small space play. The intelligent flight control system integrates functions such as “one button takeoff/landing, Altitude Hold Mode, and Heading Hold Mode”, and has one button demo flight , which is easy to operate and makes it easy for beginner.

Features and Benefits

  • Altitude Hold Mode : Intelligent flight control system calculates the hovering position, more stable control feature, makes it easier for beginners to control.

  • Release the stick, the drone will keep hovering automatically to enable single hand operation.

  • 2.4GHz Remote controller : Controller operation just the same as other drones, providing yaw, steering, altitude hold and so on.

  • Li-Po battery : Equipped with USB charger, which has various kinds of charging ways and makes charging become more convenient.

  • Main feature : Altitude Hold Mode, Heading Hold Mode, High/Low Speed mode, Low Battery Alarm, One button take off/landing, Up, Down, Forward, Backward, Turn left/right, Fly left/right

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