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Reverse Module with Mixer for the HPI Savage X Enhance your Savage X with reverse gear! Get out of tight spots and rescue yourself when stuck against any obstacles. Providing an electronic link between the receiver and Reverse Module servo, the Reverse Mixer Pro makes reverse easy to select and helps protect your Savage X transmission!

To use the mixer to select reverse, simply hold full brakes for 3 seconds. The reverse module servo activates and selects reverse, then you can use normal throttle commands to accelerate and stop. To re-engage forward gear, just hold full brakes for 3 seconds once again, and you're off! This is a much more intuitive way to control the car, rather than using a cumbersome 3rd channel. Both hands stay on the controller for complete command of your Savage X. Using the Reverse Mixer Pro prevents damage to the transmission of your Savage X as well, because the truck must be at a full stop for reverse to engage. It's no longer possible to put your truck into reverse while running forward at full speed! This reverse module set comes with the Reverse Mixer Pro, which connects the throttle servo and the 3rd servo for the gear change that connects to the throttle channel. The Reverse Mixer Pro allows you to select reverse gear using a normal two-channel radio! All necessary linkage and full instructions are included in the box for quick installation. Please note the 3rd servo is not included.

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