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Repair Tool and Screws Box Set TRC-8067C

Repair Tool and Screws Box Set TRC-8067C

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Easy to take and durable in use.
Made of high quality metal mateial.
A variety of sizes to suit your needs.
Comes in a handy reusable plastic container.
270Pcs per pack with a hexagon .
Box size: 13*6.5*2.3cm 
Total Quantity: 270Pcs/Set
Flat head screws M3*L6 15pcs
Flat head screws M3*L8 15pcs
Flat head screws M3*L10 15pcs
Flat head screws M3*L12 15pcs
Round head screws M3*L6 15pcs
Round head screws M3*L8 15pcs
Round head screws M3*L10 15pcs
Round head screws M3*L12 15pcs
N3 Flat washer: 30pcs
N4 Flat washer: 30pcs
O-circle: 30pcs
Shell buckle: 30pcs
Pin buckle: 30Ppcs
Hexagon : 1piece
Package List:
1 * Special Repair Tool & Screws Box Set 


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