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Losi Promoto-MX 1/4 Motorcycle RTR, FXR Scheme, LOS06000T1

Losi Promoto-MX 1/4 Motorcycle RTR, FXR Scheme, LOS06000T1

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Product Information

It's not the first scale RC motorcycle to hit the market, but the Losi Promoto-MX is the first one that accurately recreates the pure fun and full experience of riding a real trail motocross bike. It's been a long time in the making but the dream of dirt bike fans and RC hobbyists alike has come true. The reason that the realism of the Losi Promoto-MX is without peer goes a lot further than the brilliant scale looks. In order to capture the essence of true dirt bike performance a unique hybrid of electronic and mechanical technology has been developed specifically for the Promoto-MX. The way in which these technologies combine translates to superb trail performance for this RC dirt bike game changer. 

Unleash your inner daredevil with the Losi Promoto-MX RC Dirt Bike

Losi Promoto-MX dirt bike

In order to stay true to the proper scale looks, the electronics and battery on the Promoto-MX had to fit within a narrow, compact, twin aluminium plate chassis. The design task would have been simpler if a 'shorty’ battery was used but the Losi product development team wanted to use a more standard and convenient sized battery. Within the easily accessible rider's seat, they were able to set up a recess to house a full-size 2S hardcase LiPo battery. A more commonly used and easily interchangeable battery solution is just one of the many enhancing features of the Losi Promoto-MX Dirt Bike. 

Reliable, powerful and SMART Spektrum electronics

When it comes to competition racing the Losi Promoto-MX 1/4th scale motorcycle is going to fly out of the gates due to the potent Spektrum Smart brushless power system. Generating the power is the 3800Kv 4-pole 3652 motor while the brushless 85A ESC gives you precise control. You'll have torque to burn and clearing large triples will be a breeze. Combine this with a top speed exceeding 65 kmh using a 2S LiPo battery and the Losi Promoto-MX 1/4th scale motorcycle becomes one hectic unit. 

A key feature in RC bikes is the gyroscopic stabilization and on the Losi Promoto-MX 1/4th scale motorcycle a 2700Kv motor spins the heavy steel flywheel at over 22,000 rpm creating unparalleled levels of stability. The flywheel unit is mounted as far forward and as low as possible in the frame enabling the Promoto-MX to pivot around its centre point. This translates to improved changes of direction, jumping ability and overall accuracy of this RC dirt bike's performance. Enhancing the unrivalled finesse and balance on the Losi Promoto-MX 1/4th scale motorcycle is the patent-pending MS6X Spektrum technology. MS6X translates the input from your Spektrum DX3PM transmitter and produces a level of control that refines and strengthens the control levels on each turn, lean and wheelie you make on the Promoto-MX RC dirt bike. If you're driving at a high level and wish to increase the lean angle you need only adjust the MS6X knob to push your driving further to the edge. Cool!    

RC Motorcycle

Whether you are heading into a hairpin at high speed or sending a big triple there are going to be times when crashing may be inevitable. Given that bending a tube or a fork leg was not an option, the Losi product development team came up with a solution to avoid this happening. During normal running the front crash structure remains rigid. In the event of a big front impact, the front crash structure compresses until the front tyre bottoms into the chassis frame. This provides protection from bending to the front fork tubes and ensures they remain true and safe. To massively increase the endurance levels of the rear fender the Promoto-MX features a hinged elastomer sprung rear fender that deflects during wheelies to expose a durable nylon rear bumper. 

Looks and performs like a real dirt bike

In order to achieve the same terrain handling characteristics the Losi product development team examined the suspension geometry of full-sized motorcycles to enhance the Promoto-MX's mechanical performance. This resulted in a rising rate rear suspension that prevents bottoming out on landings and also provides superior grip. The dampener and internal spring on the completely new front fork design allow for ride height adjustments and can be tuned with a change of silicone dampening fluid. 

Another characteristic of full-scale motorcycles is how most of the braking is done with the front tyre. On the Promoto-MX the front braking process uses caliper-actuated brake pads, a steel rotor and a servo-driven cable. While rear braking is handled through the drivetrain this front braking mechanism serves to cut your stopping distance in half.  

Both mechanical and electronic technologies working in unison help the Losi Promoto-MX 1/4th scale motorcycle perform superbly at both low and high speeds. This is what sets it apart from any previous RC motorcycle and dirt bike fans will be instantly familiar with the feel of the Promoto-MX while RC car enthusiasts will discover a whole new world of driving in the way they can now attack the track. 

Not to overstate it but the attention to scale detail on the Losi Promoto-MX 1/4th scale motorcycle is exceptional. Officially licensed FXR vinyl graphics adorn most of the visible surfaces of the Promoto-MX including the number plate, front and rear side panels, front and rear fenders, and fork guards. They do look good but the durability of these parts means they can get dirty and take a beating and come back for more! Losi hasn't overlooked a thing when it comes to the tiny details either with clutch and brake levers, brake line, exhaust, brake rotors, foot pegs and more. The fine detail is immaculate. 

If you've been looking for, or are just ready to discover, an RC dirt bike that works, please check out the Losi Promoto-MX 1/4th scale motorcycle. It's an exciting addition to the RC world and whether you're a dirt bike or RC driving enthusiast this thing is going to rip! 


The DX3PM has three preprogrammed drive modes that you can toggle between “on the fly” using your thumb on the A/B rocker switch. 

  • Dirt Mode — Allows the Promoto-MX to pitch up enough without clipping the throttle for going up jump faces and obstacles, but helps prevent “wheelie-overs” by intuitively clipping the throttle output if the bike begins to pitch up too far. 

  • Street Mode — Senses when the Promoto-MX starts to pitch up and clips the throttle quickly, getting the front tire back on the ground to accelerate as much as possible. 

  • Wheelie Control — Let ‘em rip! Wheelie Control lets you hold wheelies on smooth surfaces all the way to top speed. 


Working in a similar vein to the way SAFE Select does with planes and flight envelope protection, the lean bars are ready to catch you if you fall on loose dirt. The lean bars on the Promoto-MX keep you from going over your maximum lean angle and push you back upright in order to straighten out and exit a turn. With adjustable stops for up and down travel the lean bars can be dialled in for specific grip and surface levels. If you crash, the lean bars will help you get upright again. You just need to hit the throttle and the Promoto-MX will stand upright and you can resume driving. 


With enough give to protect the servo the stiff circular springs on the servo saver are captured by bearing-mounted composite planes that ensure steering consistency even after some rough riding. In addition to that, the performance of the bike is drastically improved when landing from jumps, power sliding through a turn, setting down from wheels, and pushing the front tyre through a rut. The give on the circular springs enables the bike to stay up through all these challenges. 


In order to allow optimal control the stiff circular springs in the servo saver require dampening. One of Losi's key developments in this area is giving the Promoto-MX a fluid-filled friction chamber between the lower and upper head tube bearings. By filling this chamber with heavy 500,000cSt the servo saver is dampened and the possibility of head shake is controlled.  


The front and bottom of the Promoto-MX chassis are lined with moulded composite skid plates. These keep roost out of the chassis and offer protection during crashes. They also help protect the mounted electronics inside. While the air vents come closed in the box they can be opened to provide airflow to cool the electronics when outside temperatures are high. 


The Promoto-MX has a rising rate rear suspension like its full-scale counterparts. Starting soft around ride height the suspension allows for superior grip and smooth handling. As you get deeper into up travel the suspension becomes firmer to prevent bottoming out in landings and provide proper preload on jumps. With a full coil-over oil-filled shock the Promoto-MX is ready to handle any surface you want to throw it at. 


With a completely new and modern design, the front fork on the Promoto-MX is built with an internal spring and dampener. Designed to function in a similar manner to normal RC shocks, the front fork tubes can be rebuilt if required and by changing the silicone dampening fluid they can be tuned to your specifications. If you install counter-wound lower and upper springs you can adjust the right height by using spacers. Beyond the functionalities, they also look like the real deal as well. 


The Losi development team spent months testing steering ratios, head angle and different trail settings in order to find the sweet spot. 62.4 degrees was the answer. The head tube angle is installed on this setting and gives the Promoto-MX the best balance of landing jumps, steering input, bump handling, and, control of 'head shake’ on all surfaces. 


The race inspired dual disc slipper clutch helps harness the 3800Kv power output of the Firma brushless motor and transfer it to the Dunlop Geomax MX35 rear tyre in such a way that traction is maintained particularly on loose surfaces. Inspired by the dual pad, spring pressurized slipper clutch that the TLR team uses around the world to win races, the Promoto-MX slipper clutch protects the drive train and increases traction without sacrificing explosive power output. 


The chain driven function on the Promoto-MX features steel links and 70 roller pins that wrap around 36-tooth aluminium hub sprocket and a 10-tooth steel drive sprocket. The chain drive will function reliably and efficiently regardless of the prevailing conditions. 

What's in the box?

  • Losi Promoto-MX RTR Motorcycle

  • Spektrum Smart DX3PM Transmitter

  • (4) AA Transmitter Batteries

  • Bike Stand

  • Starting Stand

  • Product Manual

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Chain Lube

  • Tuning Parts

  • Fork and Shock Tools

What you need

  • (1) 2S 7.4V 5000mAh LiPo with EC5™ or IC5™ Connector
  • (1) Compatible LiPo Charger


  • The best performing and best looking RC dirt bike to hit the market
  • All new Spektrum MS6X patent-pending technology
  • High RPM flywheel integrated into the frame
  • Officially licensed rider gear and graphics from FXR Racing
  • Scale accuracy and performance from officially licensed Dunlop Geomax MX53 tyres
  • Scale-accurate true-spoke wheels
  • Rear suspension with rising rate
  • 64+ km/h achievable with a powerful brushless system
  • Three pre-programmed control drive modes including Street, Dirt and Wheelie
  • Front structure is collapsible in the event of a crash
  • Capable of flex and give after flips or impacts the realistic driver figure has a rubberised plastic exterior and a foam insert
  • Cable-driven and functional front disc brake
  • Dual disc performance slipper clutch with chain drive
  • Hands-free starting stand and keyed bike stand included
  • Only battery and charger required – ready-to-run and fully assembled


Completion Level
20.2 in (512mm)
10.8 in (274mm)
13.9 in (352mm)
17.3 in (439mm)
Front Fork, Rising Rate Rear
Weight :123.5 oz (3500g)
Wheel Type
2-Piece Spoked Wheels
Wheel Diameter
Front - 4.9 in (124mm), Rear - 4.5 in (115.5mm)
Wheel Width
Front - 1.1 in (28mm), Rear - 1.4 in (36.3mm)
Tire Compound
Tire Tread
Dunlop Geomax MX53
Tire Diameter
Front - 6.4 in (162mm), Rear - 6.1 in (156mm)
Motor Type
Non-Sensored Brushless
Motor/Engine Size
Spur Gear
Gear Pitch
Internal Gear Ratio
Final Drive Ratio
Speed Control Included
Spektrum DX3PM 3-Channel
Servos Included
Front - Cable Driven Piston/Caliper/Rotor, Rear - Motor Braking
Color Molded Panels with Wrap Graphics
Ball Bearings
Experience Level
Recommended Environment
Is Assembly Required
Approx Assembly Time
Less than 1 Hour
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