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HPI 1/8 Vorza Buggy Flux 4WD Brushless Electric RTR [160178] HPI-160178

HPI 1/8 Vorza Buggy Flux 4WD Brushless Electric RTR [160178] HPI-160178

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Buggies and truggies have been a major part of the HPI off-road range for many years, so when the time came to update this range of epically awesome off-road monsters, the choice to keep things true to the Vorza roots was easy!

The Vorza started life as a competition vehicle designed to be approachable, tunable and most of all FUN!! And that’s where we’ve taken Vorza for 2022. Fully tunable, highly capable and HPI TOUGH!

Under the body, each new Vorza buggy has a ton of great durability and tuning features that make each one a joy to drive with a clear upgrade path to the ”S” spec and beyond!  The Vorza takes the race-winning design and mixes it up with HPI FLUX tech to give you awe-inspiring speed! This is a ready to run (RTR) buggy that you can take to BMX jumps for hair-raising big-air thrills, and then you can take it straight to any track for top-level racing action - it will turn heads and amaze your friends! 

The RTR Vorza FLUX chassis features a wide range of excellent features, esteemed performance heritage, amazingly powerful motor and speed controller combination, complete adjustability in the suspension and a tunable drivetrain, if you want to experiment to tune your Vorza FLUX to your liking. 

For 2022, each Vorza Buggy has a completely brand new look as well, with totally new bodies in Matt and Gloss effect and wild new custom painted colors! Even the wheels and tires are all-new designs for a true "Stop at Nothing" attitude!! 


The wide buggy chassis allows all the components of the Vorza drivetrain and electronics to sit flat on the chassis, giving the buggy a very low profile and super low center of gravity for fantastic handling through turns and corners. The 4mm thick aluminum chassis on the Vorza features side dirt guards to keep rocks and debris away from the gears and driveshafts, and the front kick-up provides improved handling and steering over rough terrain and tracks. The Vorza Buggy is a dream to work on with everything easily accessible. 

Providing the power for the Vorza FLUX is an ultra-powerful FLUX brushless system, consisting of the HPI FLUX MLH-2200 motor and ELH-6S speed controller. On their own, they're already impressive, but together they form an unstoppable power force!

The FLUX MLH-2200 will give you more than enough power for anything you're looking for: giant air stunts, multiple back flips, colossal top speeds, and wheel-spinning sideways action! It also features our sleekest heatsink design, with 11 radial fins that circle the black-anodized motor case for superb cooling action. With a 5mm motor shaft it can fit any optional pinion gears for the Vorza so you can get even MORE top speed for those insane runs or gear it down for increased acceleration and jumping power on the track. 6.5mm bullet connectors on 12-gauge motor connector wires transmit maximum power from the speed controller for instant wheelie or dirt-throwing action. The FLUX MLH-2200 is held down to the 6061-aluminum chassis by a twin clamp style cast aluminum mount so it won't move or shift under the immense amount of torque it can pull. It also allows you to remove the motor without effecting the gear mesh. 

Please see our note below recommending LiPo batteries above 4000mAh and 40C to get the most out of the electronics in the Vorza FLUX. 

The FLUX ELH-6S ESC is the perfect match for the FLUX MLH-2200 motor - with up to 150 amps of power on tap, you'll be able to do any big-air trick or stunt you can dream of! 

The FLUX ELH-6S can handle twin 3S LiPo batteries (that's a total of 6S LiPo power!) so it can deal with anything the MLH-2200 motor can dish out! 6.5mm bullet connectors secure the motor wires for loss-free connection to the 12-gauge wires. A large fan sits on top of the heatsink inside a protective cover to keep things cool when the weather's warm.

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 3-6S LiPo
Continuous Current: 150A
Burst Current: 950A
Resistance (Ω): 0.0035
Motor Limit: 4S LiPo <3000KV, 6S <2400KV
BEC: 6V/3A Switching BEC
Connector: 6.5mm Bullet
Dimensions: 59.5x48x42mm
Weight: 178g

Motor and Battery Combinations 
The FLUX brushless motors requires very powerful batteries to get the most out of them - please make sure that you use the right combination! HPI highly recommend the use of LiPo batteries above 4000mAh and 40C. Using batteries with lower ratings, or the use of lower quality LiPo batteries, may cause damage to the battery and/or speed control. Using batteries below the specified ratings may void the warranty of the speed controller and/or batteries. The term Kv refers to the number of RPMs that the motors will try to deliver per volt applied and is a standard term for brushless motor power.


A new Vorza deserves a new set of boots and rims! Brand new 3.14" HEXCODE High-Impact nylon Buggy wheels for 17mm wheel adaptors, wrapped in yet another addition to the TREDZ "by HPI Racing" Tire rack. The Tredz CAUSEWAY Buggy Tires are designed onto a performance canvas, using HPI's tried and tested S Compound. The hex pin tread and canvas pattern works great on a variety of surfaces, from hard-pack dirt to grass and astroturf.


The Vorza uses race spec machined spiral-cut 'worm gear' crown and pinion diff gears to get the power from the driveshafts to the wheels. A spiral cut is more reliable and much stronger than standard straight-cut gears, giving you extra confidence and fewer maintenance headaches. The Flux also adds hardened internal gears over the Nitro model.
You can adjust the diff action with thicker or thinner oils because all three diffs are sealed against leakage, giving you a fantastic boost of tuning ability!

The Vorza Flux is prebuilt with 5000 weight oil in the Front and Rear
and 100,000 oil in the center to keep all that 6S power going where it's needed!


To securely fit a pair of batteries in the chassis, the Vorza FLUX uses the classic sturdy adjustable battery tray fitted with a pair of secure hook-and-loop straps. The length and width of the battery tray can be adjusted to accommodate a wide array of pack sizes. Matched pairs of 2S or 3S battery packs standing on edge, or a single 4S or 6S pack are easily secured in place. The tray features an inner adjustable width restrictor and two rubber cushioning pads as well as foam protection on all 4 sides, all to help keep the packs safe and secure.


The front suspension has a long list of features, including inverse steering blocks, adjustable roll centre, super thick top links, aligned king pin and universal joint driveshafts, sway bar and counter-rotating shock mount screws.
All round 106mm equal-length 16mm Big Bore shocks smooth out the ride and provide plenty of adjustment, while the solid suspension arms, knuckles and uprights take the pounding of jumps, dips and landings. Sturdy improved HD High-Impact suspension mounts securely hold the solid suspension arms to the chassis.


Four 16mm Big Bore shocks are the perfect fit for the Vorza's capable suspension. Each one features an extra-thick 4mm shaft, a threaded body and spring collar for precise ride height adjustment, steel mounting hardware and self-tightening lower mount screws. A complete range of pistons are included to let you fine-tune the damping effect, and o-rings prevent the shock oil from leaking out of the body.


With the race-winning suspension design, you will experience a pure driving feel and total adjustability like never before! Tune the Vorza to your driving style and track conditions with the aid of the full range of adjustments. At both ends of the car, the Vorza has everything you'd expect from an all-out competition kit, including inverse steering block design, super thick steering links, optional hinge pin holes for the rear uprights, all round captured hinge pins, adjustable roll centre, thick top links, aligned king pin and universal joint pivots, sway bars, multiple shock mount positions, sealed diffs, shock pistons and counter-rotating shock mount screws.


Like all HPI cars, the Vorza Buggy is easy to drive with the included steering wheel controller. 
The All-New 2.4Ghz FHSS TF-50 Transmitter features:

  • Drop down steering position for a natural control position
  • Foam covered wheel for extra comfort and grip
  • Swappable steering wheel design for left handers!
  • Rubber finger and thumb handle grips
  • Rubber bumpers on all corners for the highest protection.
  • Magnetic area on the base for body clips or screws while you work!
  • Digital on and off switch
  • Audible warnings if you leave the TF-50 switched on as well as battery life!
  • Servo Reverse, EPA, Trims and Dual Rate switches.

The NEW RF-50 receiver features a waterproof silicone inner jacket for use in any weather and a built-in failsafe. Signal on the RF-50 for the FLUX cars and signal and battery life for the
RF-50N on the Nitro! 

  • Factory-assembled & pre-painted 4WD 1/8 scale Car
  • Pre-painted body with awesome speed graphics
  • Pre-mounted all-terrain tires
  • High torque metal geared steering Servo
  • 6S LiPo Capable
  • MLH-2200 2200KV brushless motor with 5mm shaft
  • Waterproof 150A ELH-6S speed controller
  • LiPo ready adjustable battery tray with secure hook-and-loop straps
  • Aluminum heatsink motor mount help the motor stay cool with optional fan mounting points
  • Full-time 4WD for excellent control
  • Efficient and tough shaft drivetrain with front universals
  • Threaded 16mm Big Bore oil-filled shocks for confident control
  • 4mm Aluminum shock towers front and rear
  • 4mm aluminium chassis
  • Super thick High-Impact nylon links
  • Front and rear sway bars for excellent handling
  • Total adjustability: roll centre, wheelbase, camber, sway bar and more
  • Hardened steel spur and pinion gear for extreme durability
  • Spiral-cut bevel gears for the best balance of strength and efficiency
  • Tough oil-filled 4-gear differentials
  • Suspension based on World Championship pedigree
  • Super low CoG for superior handling
  • Nylon stone and dirt guards keep rocks out of the chassis
  • HD High-Impact composite suspension blocks front and rear
  • Dual bellcrank steering
  • Cam type servo saver
  • All hex head hardware
  • Full set of rubber-sealed ball bearings
  • 2.4GHz Radio Set with waterproof receiver
  • Enclosed receiver box

1/8th Scale 4WD Electric Buggy with FLUX Brushless System, 2.4GHz Radio System and Painted Body

Length: 508mm 
Width: 205mm 
Height: 178mm
Wheelbase: 325mm
Drivetrain: Shaft 4WD


2 matching Battery Packs with T-Plugs
Battery Charger
Note: the battery packs required for the Vorza FLUX are two identical high-quality LiPo batteries with at least 4000mAh capacity and 40C discharge rate. A Single 4S or 6S Pack could be used with a bridging adaptor.
4 AA Batteries for Transmitter

Specification may be subject to change


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