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Pickup trucks, popular throughout the world are capable of carrying both people and goods, and there is none more famous than Toyota's Hilux. Whether in the rain forests of Southeast Asia or the deserts of Africa, you can always find a Hilux. Even in some wartorn areas like Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan Hilux’s have been converted into military vehicle with mounted machine guns by local armed forces. In the North American market, the spiritual home of pickups the Hilux is not inferior.


TV show Top Gear once conducted a series of tests on Hilux- letting a 13-year old car travel 300,000 kilometers and experience tree crashes, seawater soaking and trailer hits, even burning the cockpit! All these can’t stop the Hilux running again. In the end, Hilux was put on the roof of a 73-meter-high building, which was then blown up. Smoke bellowed, yet from the ruins the Hilux could still be started again. With these experiments proving its undoubted durability, quality and reliability perfectly, Toyota’s Hilux was displayed in Top Gear's studio as a lifetime honorary guest.


This officially licensed FMS Hilux is a late third-generation Hilux, but the grille and headlights  have been back-dated to the arguably more attractive round units found on earlier rigs. With a tailgate that lowers the loading height, a spacious cab and a sunken frame,  FMS Hilux adheres to the revolutionary "square body" and features a perfectly replicated real car in terms of 4wd, metal beams, aluminum frame rails and reliable multi-link suspension system.


The exquisite design is perfectly expressed from classic yellow body paint with sports stripes to the fantastic electric silver rearview mirror, from realistic interiors, center console, and steering wheel to openable tailgate and ridged cargo bed. The spacious bed lets you experiment with different cargo for a classic scale Hilux appearance.


Open the hood and explore the large inside space where the, ESC, receiver and battery are readily accessible, making upgrading an easy task.


Light sets have linked light control functions with light control plug-ins including headlights, turn signals and reverse lights. Tires and wheels as featured on the real truck, molded in a soft all-terrain pattern for running on any terrain.



1.Officially licensed product of Toyota-Hilux

2.Injection-molded hard body

3.Classic metal plating wheels and all-terrain tire

4.Plated rearview mirror

5.Openable hood

6.Detailed cargo and bottom plates and openable tailgate

7.Spectacular anti-abrasion and anti-scratch coating ensuring brightly colored scheme

8.Metal ladder beam

9.multi-link suspension system-4WD

10.High torque climbing ability with FDL 104:1



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