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E-Flite Cirrus SR22T Red 1.5m V2 with Smart Technology, BNF Basic, EFL15950

E-Flite Cirrus SR22T Red 1.5m V2 with Smart Technology, BNF Basic, EFL15950

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Fun, powerful and upgraded to be the Smartest E-flite Cirrus SR22T 1.5m scale model of this general aviation gem yet – enjoy higher speeds and exhilarating aerobatics and whether you are sport or scale flying the fun and power will always be at your fingertips.



  • Superb scale replica of the most innovative, Smartest and safest general aviation aircraft available in the world today
  • Upgraded and updated to give higher energy aerobatic capabilities, higher speed, and improved sport and scale-like flying
  • 3S and 4S LiPo compatible specially tuned motor
  • Excellent flight times and performance delivered by popular 2200-3200mAh 3S and 4S LiPo batteries
  • Spektrum Avian 60-amp Smart ESC gives real time motor RPM, battery voltage and other data when used with compatible transmitters and receivers
  • AR637TA Spektrum receiver with industry leading DSMX technology and full-range telemetry
  • SAFE Select flight envelope protection makes take off, flying and landing a lot easier
  • AS3X provides automatic stabilisation technology for a locked-in flying feel
  • Oversized tyres and toughened landing gear allow for flying from a variety of surfaces which include grass functional slotted flaps that improve slow speed handling and allow shorter take-offs and landings
  • Six factory-installed servos and linkages with 5-channel control
  • High visibility trim scheme has been factory painted with great scale detail
  • LED landing, navigation and interior cabin lights have been factory installed
  • Tough composite reinforced lightweight EPO construction
  • No glue construction with a fast and easy bolt together assembly
  • Two piece wing and stab is easy to install/remove


Product Information

E-flite Cirrus SR22T 1.5m RC plane

From humble origins in a Wisconsin barn Cirrus Aircraft have grown impressively and in 2020 released the G6 SR Series which bore the mantle of being ‘the Smartest, Safest, Most Innovative general aviation aircraft a pilot could desire’. E-flite have now released an officially licensed superb scale replica of this aircraft in the form of the E-flite® Cirrus SR22T 1.5m.

Smarter, more powerful and more fun to fly!

As the most fun, powerful and smartest version of the E-flite® Cirrus SR22T 1.5m yet you can expect an increased aerobatic flight envelope as well as increased speed and capabilities whether you’re sport or scale-like flying. Featuring a Spektrum 60-amp Avian Smart ESC the factory-installed brushless power system has a specially tuned motor that when combined with the 3-blade prop delivers enormous thrust, speed and vertical performance on a 3S LiPo. Fit it with a 4S LiPo, without the need for modifications and upgrades, and the performance level goes up even higher. Providing a variety of real-time data the Avian Smart ESC by Spektrum can keep the pilot updated on power system related telemetry data including, current, battery voltage, motor RPM and more when you pair it with compatible receivers (the included Spektrum AR637TA is one of these) and a transmitter equipped with Spektrum Airware which includes DX6e and 8e, DX6 G2/3 and 8 G2, the DX9, NX6, 8 and 10, iX12, iX20 plus some others.

The trim scheme on the E-flite® Cirrus SR22T 1.5m is inspired by the full-scale Generation 6 version and is highlighted by the LED exterior navigation lights along with interior cabin lighting. The scale detail on the airframe includes hatches, handles, panel lines, antennas, steps and more. These details stand out on the durable lightweight, fully moulded, composite reinforced EPO airframe that is designed to take some punishment. The rugged tricycle landing gear is fitted with oversized wheels with the nose wheel being steerable. This undercarriage set-up enables the E-flite® Cirrus SR22T 1.5m to operate from paved surfaces through to grass fields and makes take-offs and landings that much easier. Matching wheel pants and fairings along with tinted windows and a pilot figure in the detailed cabin also add to the high level of scale authenticity on the SR22T.

The easy and fast bolt-together assembly on the E-flite® Cirrus SR22T 1.5m will help intermediate and experienced pilots get into the air quicker. At 1.5m, the size is also convenient as it will fit fully assembled into most vehicles. If need be you can remove the two-piece wing and the convenient hands-free servo connection system means you assemble, disassemble, transport and store with ease.

Bind-N-Fly exclusive technologies

When you have your E-flite® Cirrus SR22T 1.5m in the air you will enjoy the benefits of Spektrum AS3X technology which works behind the scenes making hundreds of minor tweaks and adjustments in order to maintain rock-solid stability which actually makes it feel like you are flying a much bigger aircraft.

You also get optional use SAFE Select which, with the flick of a switch, engages pre-set pitch and bank angle limits and also has an automatic self-levelling function that will kick in if you lose control of the SR22T. If you feel your flying ability does not need this safety blanket then just bind your receiver normally and only AS3X will be in operation.


What you need

  • Full-range 5-6+ channel Spektrum™ DSMX®/DSM2® compatible transmitter
  • 3S 11.1V or 4S 14.8V 2200–3200mAh LiPo with EC3™ or IC3® Connector
  • Compatible LiPo charger
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