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Carnage 2.0 Brushed 4wd Red 1/10 RTR FTX5537R

Carnage 2.0 Brushed 4wd Red 1/10 RTR FTX5537R

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Since its release more than six years ago, the FTX Carnage has become a huge favorite among beginners looking for an affordable entry into the world of R/C. Well, we thought it was time for this fan favorite to get a makeover with the Carnage 2.0. Two new body design and colors, chrome wheels, a 3-channel Etronix radio and a 60 amp controller and 550 coal engine means the Carnage legacy is ready to go on for a long time!


- Etronix Pulse EX3G 2.4 GHz Radio
- 60A waterproof ESC for NiMh/LiPo
- type engine 550 coal
- Servo waterproof steering 3kg
- NiMH Voltz battery 1800mAh 7.2v tamiya take
- Wall charger for battery
- New graphic body
- Moulded bathtub-type chassis
- 4WD transmission with slipper system
- Low centre of gravity
- Light arms with high ground clearance
- Adjustable shocks filled with Big Bore oil
- Crown and metal gable
- Adjustable wheelbase
- Adjustable tendors
- Fully adjustable suspension including, sagging, bodywork, pinching, wheelbase, etc.
- The chassis accepts the battery NiMh or LiPo


Length: 415mm
Width: 328mm
Height: 156mm
Wheelbase: 290/295mm
Tire: 120 x 60mm
Transmission ratio: 11.2:1

Everything is delivered to drive. Just add 4 AA batteries for the remote control.

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