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Arrma Kraton 4X4 BLX 4S Speed Monster Truck RTR, Black/Blue, ARA4408V2T2

Arrma Kraton 4X4 BLX 4S Speed Monster Truck RTR, Black/Blue, ARA4408V2T2

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The next evolution of the ARRMA 4X4 4S platform is here in the form of the KRATON 4X4 4S BLX Speed Monster Truck RTR. With a tougher, wider and longer chassis this speed demon juggernaut and its 4S Spektrum brushless power system are ready to go bashing anywhere!


New features

  • Footprint now 16% larger – wider and longer than the previous KRATON 4X4 platform to provide additional stability
  • Vehicle width increased by 48mm with tough new suspension arms
  • Front and rear gearboxes have durable steel 1.35 module main diff gears and input gears
  • Front and rear strengthened CVD telescopic driveshafts
  • Increased and lengthened suspension travel from longer shocks, wider suspension arms and higher shock towers
  • Includes aluminium big bore shocks as standard
  • Red anodized, 17mm CNC machined wheel hubs
  • Strengthening ring on steel slipper hub
  • 120A Spektrum Firma brushless ESC and 2400Kv 3668 motor
  • Spektrum SLT3 2.4GHz transmitter and Spektrum SR315 receiver
  • S652 Spektrum Steel Metal-Geared, digital waterproof servo with 232 oz-in of torque
  • Improved cornering dynamics from front and rear fitted sway bars
  • Rubber tyre fitted wheelie bar
  • Water dispersing dBoots Copperhead 2 low profile tyres with improved durability

Proven 4X4 platform features

  • Internal geared metal diffs
  • Extended height dirt defenders on the strengthened composite chassis
  • Stone clearing steering system
  • ARRMA motor cooling fan and heatsink
  • Modular design for easy access – electronics, diff and power modules can be quickly removed for easy maintenance access
  • Bearings are rubber shielded
  • Strengthened steel spur gear
  • Turnbuckles are adjustable
  • Wire clips part of battery retention system
  • Limited 2-year warranty (details on website support)


Product Information

As the perfect middle ground between the nimble 3S BLX vehicles and the larger and more powerful 6S BLX machines, the original ARRMA KRATON 4X4 4S BLX Speed Monster Truck was the perfect happy medium between the two. The 4S gave a superb performance at an affordable price and was perfect for those wanting the ARRMA trademark speed combined with toughness. The release of the new ARRMA KRATON 4X4 4S BLX V2 Speed Monster Truck signifies an evolution in the 4X4 4S platform. Boasting a chassis that is wider, longer and tougher than its predecessor this new version gives the driver more control and stability. In another first for the ARRMA 4x4 platform, it is fitted out with a brushless Spektrum 4S power system and also comes with the full package of Spektrum radio electronics.

Arrma Kraton 4X4 4S BLX V2 Monster Truck

A bigger, tougher Kraton 4X4 4S BLX

Being 16% larger than its predecessor the ARRMA KRATON 4X4 4S BLX V2 Speed Monster Truck one of the first things you will notice is the plush suspension travel which is a result of longer shocks, higher shock towers and wider suspension arms. Transmission strength has been upgraded and includes CVD Driveshafts, steel main diff gears and steel gearbox input gears. Further upgrades include retained hinge pin plates and a strengthened composite chassis, front and rear protective skid plates, increased steering clearance to avoid stones, sliding gear mesh and castellated slipper pad, and rubber shielded bearings throughout. To facilitate simple and fast routine maintenance the ARRMA KRATON 4X4 4S BLX V2 Speed Monster Truck comes with the signature easy-access modular design. Individual and easily removable chassis modules for the electronics, differential components and power system ensure repairs and servicing are easy to complete.

ARRMA KRATON 4X4 4S BLX V2 Speed Monster Truck is fitted with dBoots Copperhead 2 Low Profile tyres that are made from high-quality rubber and vented to disperse water allowing for improved durability. The chunky tread pattern on these tyres gives superb traction on a wide range of different surfaces. These tyres are fitted to 3.8-inch toughened MT wheels with red anodized, CNC machined 17mm hubs. A tough injection moulded rear wing is part of the sleek truck body and comes in two vibrant colours - Teal/Black and Black/Blue. Bumpers on the front and rear give protection from impacts and a rubber tyre fitted wheelie bar allows for the possibility to perform stunts.

Kraton dBoots Copperhead 2 tyres

As a Ready-To-Run package the ARRMA KRATON 4X4 4S BLX V2 Speed Monster Truck includes a Spektrum SR315 dual protocol receiver and a Spektrum 3-channel SLT3 transmitter. The ergonomic design features on the transmitter include a foam steering wheel allowing fingertip precision moves and an improved trigger feel and hand grip. Perfect for beginners is the ability to set throttle limits at 50% or 75% until you feel confident enough to open it up to full throttle. Tactic SLT compatibility on the SLT3 transmitter means you can use it with similar receivers in other RTR vehicles that you may have. There is also a third channel that can be set up to control winches and lights if that is an option. The Spektrum SR315 receiver can use DSMR and SLT protocols so an upgrade to a Spektrum DSMR transmitter will be a much easier process.

You will need to have your own battery and charger plus some AA’s for the transmitter and then your ARRMA KRATON 4X4 4S BLX V2 Speed Monster Truck is all systems go!

What's in the box?

  • (1) ARRMA® KRATON™ 4X4 4S BLX 1/10 Scale 4WD Speed Monster Truck RTR

  • (1) Spektrum™ Firma™ 120A Smart Waterproof ESC

  • (1) Spektrum™ Firma™ 3668 2400Kv Brushless Motor

  • (1) Spektrum™ 2.4GHz SLT3™ 3-Channel Transmitter

  • (1) Spektrum™ SR315 Dual Protocol Receiver

  • (1) Spektrum™ SPMS652 Metal-Geared Digital Servo

  • (1) 23T Spline servo saver

  • (1) Product Manual

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