Essential tips for beginners getting into Radio Control Cars

Essential tips for beginners getting into Radio Control Cars

Radio control (RC) cars is a hobby that combines skill, creativity, and fun! Whether you're a teenager or an adult, getting started with RC cars it can be both exciting and overwhelming. To help you embark on your RC journey, the team at Radical RC Hobbies have compiled a list of 10 tips for beginners starting their hobby in RC cars!


1. Do Your Research: Before purchasing your first RC car, take time to research the different types available. There are on-road and off-road models, electric and nitro-powered options, and various scales to choose from. Understanding the basics will help you pick a car that matches your skill levels and RC car requirements.


2. Start with an (Ready-to-Run) RTR Kit: For beginners, Ready-to-Run (RTR) kits are the way to go. These kits come pre-assembled with all necessary components, including the radio transmitter. RTR kits save you the trouble of building from scratch and let you hit the track faster.


3. Learn Basic Maintenance: Proper maintenance is key to keeping your new car running smoothly. Its important you learn how to clean and lubricate your car, adjust the suspension, and check for loose parts. Regular maintenance ensures longevity and consistent performance in your RC car. You can also bring you car in to Radical RC Hobbies for a service.


4. Choose a Suitable Location to run your new RC Car: Select a suitable location for your new rc car! If you have an off-road vehicle, find a dirt track or a park with trails. On-road RC cars work best on smooth surfaces like pavement or concrete. Ensure the area is spacious and safe to avoid accidents when you are first learning how to use your car.


5. Master the Controls: Getting accustomed to the controls of an RC car takes practice. Spend time learning how to steer, accelerate, and brake smoothly. Start by driving at slow speeds to build your control skills before trying more advanced manoeuvres.


6. Invest in Quality Batteries and Chargers: Electric RC cars rely on batteries for power. Invest in quality rechargeable batteries and a reliable charger. Having spare batteries ensures uninterrupted fun, and a good charger prolongs your batteries life.


7. Join your Local RC Club: Connecting with fellow enthusiasts at a local RC club can be beneficial. You'll gain valuable insights, get hands-on advice, and might even find some friendly competition. The team at Radical RC visit Lilydale RC Club to run their competition rc cars over the weekend.


8. Learn About Tuning: As you become more familiar with your RC car, you'll want to experiment with tuning to optimize performance. Adjustments to the suspension, gear ratios, and tire choices can have a significant impact on how your car handles.


Getting into radio control cars is an exhilarating experience. By following these tips, you'll set yourself up for a rewarding and enjoyable hobby. Remember, it's all about learning, practicing, and most importantly, having fun! So, grab your RC car, head to a suitable location, or visit the team at Radical RC Hobbies to get you started and let the adventure begin.

Happy racing from the Radical RC Hobbies Team!

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